Secha de la Silva is a rum from the volcanic jungles of Guatemala. Its name means ‘the jungle’s harvest’. From these jungles we gather the rum ingredients.
We start with the finest Guatemalan sugar cane, distilled and slowly aged in charred oak casks to create a deliciously rich golden rum. To this we infuse ceremonial grade cacao and local coffee varietals to impart a lingering dark chocolate finish. It’s a sipping rum, full of depth. Wild and lush, just like the jungles it’s from.
We created a launch campaign to appeal to super premium rum drinkers and new recruits to the spirit by turning the category on its head. The client was very keen to show the ingredients and Guatemalan origin of the rum in the campaign launch.

My Role: Art Direction through Look & Feel design and exploration
The final video
I took the idea of 'entering the jungle', and came up with the idea of the viewer moving through the label and into the world of Secha de la Silva. Tasting notes and ingredients are highlighted as the camera moved through the environment, through illustration and typographic elements.

As this was a launch campaign, we also wanted to showcase the shape of the bottle so it could become recognisable, and so used it as a window through which we move through the world. 

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