MyCro is a rural co-working space based in Kineton, with a fresh modern outlook. I wanted the logo to communicate the dawning of a new age of co-working spaces, in a rural setting. 

My initial ideas trialed a few different concepts:

- A visual depiction of a collection of individuals gathering together in one place
- The 'location' element of the business with a target style logo
- Reference to the 'rural' element of the office with stylised fields


MyCro: "We believe that the #worklocal concept has lots of positives which is why we have developed MyCRO™ – ‘My Company’s Rural Office’ or ‘rural coworking’ if you prefer.

Whether you are a home-worker, a freelancer, a micro or small business owner or just need the flexibility to work in a collaborative, creative but professional environment, MyCRO™ provides you with a conducive workspace on your doorstep."

See the logo in action on the MyCRO website.

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