Max Factor's new Miracle Pure foundation is a hybrid of skincare benefits such as Hyaluronic Acid and makeup, and so improves the quality of skin while wearing. 

Their existing campaign calls it out as a 'One Minute Miracle', with Priyanka Chopra as the face. It was our job develop it into a truly disruptive DOOH campaign across static and motion placements around the UK. 

My role was to art direct and lead the design team, while managing a 3D artist to build the anamorphic elements.
The Brief
We took inspiration from the campaign TVC and housed the main messaging frames within a 3D box, so the viewer could almost step through into the world of Miracle Pure. We accompanied this with an anamorphic render of the product swirling with a vortex of illustrative foundation and serum, combining to showcase the ingredients of the skincare benefits. 
Research and Developent
The client sent us a series of hugely impactful disruptive anamorphic ads as inspiration, using placements such as corner screens in Times Square. Unfortunately the placements for this campaign were mainly D6 or similar so we had to scale down the thinking behind the anamorphic render.
On receiving the brief, I collated all the key words to ensure we really understood the ask. Then I researched the sector to see how other brands in beauty and makeup are effectively using DOOH: interactive, abstract, bold, surprising and visually striking.
We considered the Miracle Pure campaign: typography treatment, campaign tagline, colours and the TCV in order to find visual hooks that we can leverage in our OOH. 

As the client had requested a truly disruptive 3D anamorphic campaign, I developed a series of 3 routes using tricks such as camera technology to make the placement seem transparent to really push the illusion of the ads. 
Using camera technology, we can create the illusion of transparency and unlock a metaphysical dimension in which to showcase the product.  Taking the disk elements from the campaign visuals supplied, and transforming them into, almost, physical tangeable objects that showcase the range of incredible selling points of the foundation.
We wanted to explore how the materials could interact and move throughout the the space and so did some basic level motion tests.
Our second route: the Miracle Pure portal to flawless beauty. As though stepping in to a spa, the visual will be clean, and luxurious. Awash with pastel colours inspired by the 20 skin shades of Miracle Pure. Never ending arches confuse the eye and add an impossible ‘depth’ to the ads.
The viewer will almost feel as though they can slip through the screen and in to the calming space, a spa for the mind, with the arches acting as a frame from which the product is revealed..

To highlight the amazing spectrum of foundation shades, the arches reach into the distance in a beautiful gradient of tones. Utilising the dramatic lighting reveal from the TVC, each arch will go from dark to light as the camera moves through the space, amping up the theatre and setting the stage for the foundation.
Just because the placements are static, doesn’t mean we can’t break the boundaries of what is 2 and 3 dimensional.

Using tools and tricks such as false frames for the elements to break out from, combined with lighting enhancement and high resolution 3D rendering, we can create the illusion of depth.
As the arches and lighting tricks draw to the eye deeper into the visual, the user will feel as though they could step through the screen in to the luxurious realm of Miracle Pure Foundation. This will work particularly well with the placements at eye height which will really bring the illusion to life.

We also pitched a Smart Idea: using interactive touch screens where the elements within the screen move to the movement of people standing in front of it/walking behind.
Moving away from the abstract concept of space, and bringing the viewer much closer to home - this route is highly visual, but also taps in to other senses, such as smell and taste.
We hero the natural ingredients and their properties, arranging them in a beautiful suspension that defies physics and captures the eye.  Miracle Pure foundation remains front and center, surrounded by olive branches, flowers, oranges and droplets.  

The camera explores the space, pulling out certain elements and immersing the viewer, before finally settling on a beautiful composition of nature’s finest ingredients.
To highlight the skincare benefits of the foundation, I pitched a smart idea, to pair each element to the weather, pollution levels etc

e.g. Dry weather = Hydration boosting Hyaluronic acid
High UV = SPF 15
High Pollution = Alfalfa Complex
Alternative static explorations based on our 3D motion tests
Sadly, although the client liked the ideas, they wanted to pull back the anamorphic impact of our concepts and simplify the ads to something closer to a version of their TVC, which we developed and delivered. 
Further render motion tests to explore the ways the serum and foundation liquid could interact with the tube

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