The HBO Asia series His Dark Materials is based on the Philip Pullman book, where the characters have animal companions called Daemons.

I created a series of character cards where the characters are framed by a double exposure of their Daemon. The series has magical undertones and I tried to reflect this in the dark colour scheme, light leaks and atmospheric particles. 
The plot of the show could be confusing to those who hadn't read the books, and so in the middle of the series, we released a 'Half time recap video' summarising what's happened so far.

See it in action here.

Half time recap video

We designed 'Episode workbooks' for HBO Asia's IG stories, where events from each episode were turned into an interactive quiz to increase engagement in the show. These ranged from question polls, tap & hold games to quote videos.

Try your luck at the Episode Workbooks here.
Quote Card for Lee Scoresby
Tommy hosted a live Twitter promo where users tweet three emojis to HBO Asia and we responded with what their Daemon would be. I was part of a team that sat for 12hrs, receiving the emojis, finding the relevant imagery for the daemon, designing it into an image and live tweeting it out with an explanatory caption.

We even had Phillip Pullman, and Lin Manuel Miranda tweet to find their Daemon!

See the full Twitter thread here.

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