Bad is in full swing and we are inviting fans to star in their very own comic strip for the new series of Harley Quinn, out now on HBO Max

Hone your acting skills through a series of comic book panels. Just tap the screen to create your own sharable, personalised #harleyquinn comic strip. 

For me, this is #ar at its most valuable, community-centric, co-creation, and highly shareable.

We created an AR Comic Book style lens to promote the second season of Warner Brother's Harley Quinn animated TV series. Through fun, punk, neon styling users are invited to take a Starring Role in the story of Harley Quinn, interacting with her gang and posing for shots with Batman.

I designed up 3 possible 'storylines' - Love, Fight and Friendship to showcase the main themes and set the scene for the characters in the show. To really string out the user journey, the user taps in each frame of the comic to take a shot, and the final result is presented within a shareable comic book graphic.

Give it a go on mobile here

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