"At AirDeska we know that, nowadays, not all business is done in an office; that people come together to collaborate on projects; that you do not need to be static and in one place to work. The ethos behind AirDeska is to help our People members to find venues to work in, meet up in, and to find others to work with on projects, when needed. The creative, nomad workforce is now more fluid and can adapt quickly to new ways of working and venues. As well as helping these workers find a place to work, we also want to help them showcase themselves and find other people to work with."

The Brief
As an innovative startup, AirDeska needed an identity that was as friendly, modern and fresh as their thinking. They asked for an eye-catching icon to apply to stickers in windows of locations that passers by couldn't miss.

The design
The mark needed something that could stand alone, and be recognisable without the name attached, and so I took the shape of a Desk and applied it to the 'A' of AirDeska. This triangular shape also tessellated very well, and became a secondary pattern to apply across other design collateral, such as business cards and banners.

A bright friendly red was the obvious choice to stand out, and paired well with a crisp off-white to make it pop and keep it feeling fresh and modern.

See the AirDeska identity in action here 
As the business targets two consumers - the People and the Places, we took the angle of the 'A' and used it as a dividing mechanism in the form of a colour block over an image, amongst other uses. 
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