With the release of Aerstone's two Single Malt whiskies, we designed a campaign that cuts through the confusing whisky jargon, and simply offers the buyer a choice between the Smooth Sea Cask or Smoky Land Cask
"As a straight talking Single Malt. You have a choice. Sea Cask; smooth, easy.
Or Land cask; rich, smoky. 
This campaign celebrates welcoming & simplistic flavour sign-posting that can either hero one bottle or the pair.

To visually represent this simple concept, I styled the campaign on the black and white theme from the bottle labels, while maintaining a premium feel by incorporating metallic copper highlights within the design. 

The campaign materials consisted of a Static One Sheet, D6, Social Motion piece and Facebook Carousel focussed at the two markets, The Shopper and The Drinker and how the copy speaks to each slightly differently. I also designed a point of sale display for when the two whiskies are released into stores, which followed the same simple choice design.

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